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How To Get Verified On NigeriaGoldExchange.ng

posted by NGE.com.ng
How To Get Verified On NigeriaGoldExchange.ng
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Learn How To Get Verified As NigeriaGoldExchange Member or Reseller

Electronic Currency or E-Currency is virtual money, funds or currency used to buying goods and service online. Exchanger is a business concern that trade on E-currencies. They help individuals or companies to covert their cash into e-currency or e-currency in their wallet for cash. This is where NigeriaGoldExchange.ng comes in. We trade on these e-currencies: Perfect Money, WebMoney, PexPay, EgoPay, PayPal, MoneyBookers, etc.

In order to Buy, Sell or Exchange E-Currencies, use NGE Voucher, Buy with ATM card, get Auto-Funding on NigeriaGoldExchange.ng, we have created LIMITATIONS to what you can do on our platform as UNVERIFIED MEMBER/RESELLER.

A VERIFIED NGE Member/Reseller can buy, sell and exchange as many as s/he needs. S/he can automatically fund his or her e-currency account using NGE Voucher and ATM card from local Nigerian banks. S/he can send funds internally to another NGE Member seamlessly. There are other benefits of becoming a Verified NGE Member/Reseller.


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1. Login to NGE Member or Reseller area if you have registered on our site. If you have not, then click HERE to learn how to register with us.

2.  When you login, click on Download KYC form and print. In the Reseller panel, you need to click on Get Certified to see Download KYC Form. Fill page 1 to 3. The instruction on what to do are in page 1 and 4 of the KYC form. Make sure you read them thoroughly.

3.  Go to your bank and request for your recent bank statement. We only need a page of it in the bank’s letter-headed paper bearing your full names, address and account details. It must be duly signed and stamped by the bank official(s). NOTE: We do not accept internet bank statement. It MUST be secured from the bank desk physically as instructed above.

4. Get one of your government issued ID that is valid. It can be international passport, driver’s license or national ID. We do not accept Voter’s card at the moment until it’s improveb upon by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This is also applicable to foreigners except US citizens and residents. We do not accept them at the moment. All government issued ID must be valid and not expired.

5. Scan page 1 to 3 of the KYC form you filled, your government issued ID and your recent bank statement.

6. Login again on our site, click on Submit Verification Details if you are verifying as NGE Member or click on Get Certified if you are verifying as NGE Reseller.

7. Upload a copy of your scanned government issued ID and recent bank statement in the space provided. Now, do not upload KYC form on our site. Just go to your email account, upload to your email as attachment and send to the email provided in the KYC form. The instructions are there in the KYC form.

8. Once we receive the complete verification details, we will do our homework within 48hrs (business days) and get your account verified. If the details are incomplete or did not pass our verification, we will write you back for additional info.


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