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How To Sell E-Currency on NGE

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How To Sell E-Currency on NGE
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Learn How To Buy, Sell and Exchange E-Currencies on NigeriaGoldExchange.ng

Electronic Currency or E-Currency is virtual money, funds or currency used to buying goods and services online. Exchanger is a business concern that trade on E-currencies. They help individuals or companies to covert their cash into e-currency or e-currency in their wallet for cash. This is where NigeriaGoldExchange.ng comes in. We have been delivering un-matched epayment services since 2009 as NigeriaGoldExchange.com. We trade on these e-currencies: Perfect Money, WebMoney, PexPay, EgoPay, PayPal, MoneyBookers, etc.

In order to Buy, Sell or Exchange E-Currencies on NigeriaGoldExchange.ng, we have created the articles below. Please, read them thoroughly to understand How to use our site properly.


(Click HERE to Learn How To Buy E-Currency on NigeriaGoldExchange.ng)

The Steps Below Can Be Used To Sell Perfect Money, PexPay, EgoPay, WebMoney, and other e-currencies we are buying.

We are going to use Perfect Money as example here but it’s still same procedure for other e-currencies we are buying.

1. You must register on our site first before you can buy any e-currency. To register on NigeriaGoldExchange.ng, click HERE and register on our site. On the registration page, you must use your correct names and address as it appears on your bank statement and government issued ID. In the T-Code box, use any 5 digit numbers you can always remember. It can be from 0 to 9 and will be used for internal transfers from NGE Member A to NGE Member B.

On Mobile No box, please use your country code first before your GSM numbers to receive sms notification. For example, in the case of a Nigerian whose phone number is 08023456789, he can use: 2348023456789. Then, in the Account Details, do add one of your e-currency account number. This must be correct as NGE members are not allowed to change their e-currency without permission from the NGE admin. If you are using Perfect Money, please add the dollar account number. It starts with U.

2.  When you click on Register Now button, you will receive an email in your inbox, spam or junk folder. If you are using Yahoo or Hotmail and our activation email gets into the spam or junk folder, do move it back to inbox, open it and click on Activation Link once. Do not click twice as it’s not necessary.

3.  After account activation, login using your correct login details and click on Sell Ecurrency tab. You will see Sell Ecurrency. Select the Ecurrency you want to sell. In the Sell Amount box, make sure you clear the box completely before you type the amount you want to sell. For example, if you want to sell $100 Perfect Money, clear the box first, type 100 and the expected amount you will receive in Naira will appear. NB: If you do not clear the sell amount box first, the sell order will not go through automatically.

Click Next button and our site will call-up the Perfect Money account number you added to our site (assuming you are selling Perfect Money) and insert your Account name. Fill the bank account details well as required because we will use what you supplied to pay you within 24hrs of successful transfer to us. Select I agree to the terms & conditions and click on Sell. On the next page, click on Confirm if the order details are correct.

4. Once you click on Confirm button, you will see Sell Now and Pay Later buttons. Click on Sell Now button (the only time you can click on Pay Later button is when you are selling WebMoney to us as we do not have WebMoney API for auto-transfer) and you will be directed to the payment gateway of the e-currency site. If it is Perfect Money, click on Make Payment button to transfer to us automatically. After transfer, click on Return to Merchant. Then, logout from NigeriaGoldExchange.ng if you have nothing else to do on our site.

6. Once we confirm your successful transfer, we will pay into your bank account within 24hrs (Mondays to Fridays) through internet banking platform. If there are going to be delays, we will inform you through email, sms or call.


Click HERE to Learn How To Buy E-Currency on NigeriaGoldExchange.ng

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